Highlights from the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting in New Orleans

This past week, New Orleans played host to the annual Society for American Archaeology 2024 meeting, where project members from the FINISTERRA initiative presented groundbreaking findings and spearheaded significant discussions. The event, a cornerstone for academic exchange and archaeological research, saw our team members deliver compelling insights into various aspects of our aspect. FINISTERRA PI, …

Starting a new chapter at the Companheira cave (Algarve, southern Portugal)

In a significant advancement for the FINISTERRA project, our team has initiated the process of reopening the original entrance to the Companheira Cave. This development follows a series of geophysical surveys that have laid the groundwork for a deeper exploration of the cave system, building on the discoveries made in the lower chambers. The initial …

photo of lucia cobo sanchez

Team member Lucía Cobo Sánchez secures Marie Curie fellowship

We are proud to announce that Lucía Cobo Sánchez, member of our research team, has been selected for a Marie Curie Fellowship to support her forthcoming project on Neanderthal-animal interactions over the next two years. This fellowship, which is part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe framework, is designed to fund groundbreaking research projects led …

cave in algarve

Cave exploring

Each week brings us to a different cave! Our team is on a karstic survey in southern Portugal, searching for caves where Neanderthals might have lived

lapa do picareiro

Work at Picareiro continues

Time flies! Already the 5th week of fieldwork at Lapa do Picareiro. The team is working at full speed now as new exciting finds keep coming to light!

presentation of the finisterra project


Team member Milena Carvalho presented at #SAA2023Portland the results of fauna isotope analysis from Middle Paleolithic and early Aurignacian levels of Lapa do Picareiro (central Portugal)