Team member Lucía Cobo Sánchez secures Marie Curie fellowship

We are proud to announce that Lucía Cobo Sánchez, member of our research team, has been selected for a Marie Curie Fellowship to support her forthcoming project on Neanderthal-animal interactions over the next two years.

This fellowship, which is part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe framework, is designed to fund groundbreaking research projects led by promising researchers. Lucía’s project aims to deepen our understanding of Neanderthal life by applying machine learning techniques to bone taphonomy, distinguishing between modifications made by humans and those by carnivores on bone assemblages from cave sites in southern Iberia.

The focus of her research is critical for shedding light on the subsistence strategies and environmental adaptations of Neanderthals, offering new insights into their dietary habits, tool use, and interactions with predators.

By integrating advanced machine learning algorithms into the analysis of archaeological findings, Lucía’s work promises to refine the accuracy with which we can interpret the prehistoric record, enhancing our understanding of early human behavior.

The Marie Curie Fellowship is highly competitive and awarded to researchers based on the scientific excellence of their proposal and its potential impact on our understanding of human history. Lucía’s selection for this fellowship reflects her innovative approach to paleoanthropology and the significance of her research in the broader context of human evolutionary studies.

This project not only highlights Lucía’s role as a leading researcher in her field but also underscores our team’s commitment to employing cutting-edge technology and methodologies in the pursuit of archaeological and anthropological knowledge.

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